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Produced from 99.999% pure silver with sterilized equipment and triple filtered. This Colloidal Silver is 20 PPM with particles less than a single nanometer for the most effective absorption and comes in a sealed Boston round glass bottle. Take as a daily supplement,  Colloidal Silver can help boost one’s immune system against viral or bacteria born ailments. Sprayed on topically this Colloidal Silver has been effective against the growth of warts and spread of athlete’s feet or infections in general.  put on toothpaste or in your mouth before brushing can be an effective way to combat plaque and halitosis (bad breath). As with any supplement, the government requires that, “This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease” be stated. But the testimony of this user will tell you that a healthy diet, exercise and a strong immune system beats a doctor’s or hospital visit any day. You know that a normal bout with the worst of flus will last sometimes for weeks, even after blasting your gut with a prescribed antibiotic that may or may not be effective. It is like dropping a bomb in your GI tract, it kills both the bad and the good bacteria. The positive charge of particles in  colloidal silver causes them to attract to the negative, bad bacteria like a magnet, smothering them before they reproduce and leaving the good bacteria in your gut alone. What once took weeks to get over, colds and flus can be over in days, even overnight if caught at it’s onset. With me, they usually start with a sore throat. I will take an ounce of our 20 PPM colloidal silver and gently swish around and under the tongue, gargle, swallow and rest. The particles in colloidal silver are so microscopically small, they are less than a single nanometer. Relatively speaking, a single particle of silver from our silver colloidal next to a single red blood cell is like you or I standing next to the Washington Monument. In every dose there are thousands upon thousands of nano-particles of silver, each capable of smothering a cold or flu virus that each is capable of putting you out of health. This product is truly a must have in every medicine cabinet or supplement box. I recommend storing in an enclosed area at room temperature, like in a kitchen cabinet and away from electrical appliances that have magnets in them; such as refrigerators or micro waves. This product is safe and will not cause argyria unless you are purposefully irresponsible and take it in massive amounts like an idiot. Don’t be like that guy.  The 2 teaspoon a day dosage is far below what the EPA regards as a safe and effective daily dose of 20 PPM colloidal silver for your body.

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4 Oz., 4 Oz. W/ Dropper, 16 Oz.