Research about aching muscles has changed what we thought the cause was. We used to think aching muscles was because of lactic acid from exercise…….it isn’t. Simply put, your aching muscles have been damaged (however minor) during exercise, or over-effort from a new activity, etc., and they are repairing themselves.

An extra helping of high protein in your next meal can begin the relief, but all natural emu oil gives the fast relief you’re looking for. It penetrates quickly and soothes your aching muscles in an inflammatory manner much like a drug, but emu oil is all natural.

Rub the emu oil into the aching area and it will penetrate within about five minutes. You’ll feel the relief much faster than you would ever think! Emu oil is great for so many things you’ll be glad you found it. Check out emu oil benefits and see how much more it will do for you.