Soothes body aches and stiffness
Decreases scarring from burns of all types
Speeds recovery of burns
Reduces friction when used for massage therapy
Reduces inflammation of muscles and joints 
Soothes discomfort of shingles, bed sores, and hemorrhoids
Relieves cosmetic peeling
Eases discomfort of neuropathy
Relieves itch and flakiness of dandruff and psoriasis
Softens calloused feet
Relieves athlete’s foot and ringworm
Prevents razor burns
Natural treatment for wounds and incisions
Relieves diaper rash
Softens dry, sunburned or wind parched skin
Alleviates itching of insect bites
Soothes canker sores and cold sores
Reduces swelling after injuries or surgery
Moisturizes face and body after bathing
Reduces work time loss due to injury
Reduces appearance of age spots
Reduces sleeping problems due to “growing pains”
Softens dry cuticles and promotes healthy nails
Reduces bruising, scarring and stretch marks
Helps prevent latex dermatitis
Diminishes acne inflammation
and much, much more